Fruition (digital marketing agency)

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IndustryAdvertising & Marketing
FounderBrad Anderson
HeadquartersDenver, Colorado, United States[1]
Key people
Brad Anderson (CEO)[2]
ProductsGoogle penalty checker,[3] Site analyzer
ServicesSEO, SEM, Branding, Internet Marketing[4][5]

Fruition is a full service digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado that provides web design & development and Internet marketing services to multiple international corporations.[6][7] The company is also known for its Google Penalty Checker tool.[8][9][10][11]


Founded in 2000[12] by current CEO Brad Anderson,[2] Fruition initially began as an SEO company. It later expanded to the larger niche of digital marketing.[12] The company's core services now include SEO, website development & design,[13] app development, digital marketing, and brand & reputation management.[4][5] Fruition was first trademarked in 2002, and registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2007.[14] [15]

Google Penalty Checker[edit]

In 2013, Fruition released its Google Penalty Checker tool, which has notably been the subject of multiple news reports.[9][10][11][16][17][18] It is a proprietary tool that uses statistical analysis and third-party data to determine if a website had been hit by a Google penalty, as well as which particular update caused it.[19][20] Once the tool is granted access to a Google Analytics account,[10][21] it uses algorithms involving bounce rates, organic traffic, new vs. repeat visits, and page views, among other data, to evaluate a possible Google penalty[3][9][17][18] due to a recent update.[11] It provides a graph of all the updates and the percentage of their effect on the site.[10] The tool is free for up to two sites, after which pricing is applicable.[9][21] [22]

The tool has been noted to be beneficial for businesses that do not stay up to date with Google updates.


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